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Company Profile

Company Profile

Company Profile

(Fujian) Plastic Co., Ltd., located in the southeast coast of Fujian Province overseas Chinese town of Jinjiang Jiangtou industrial area, Fujian Province is the scale of EVA, TPR rubber shoes and sports shoes professional manufacturers. The company has a shoe factory and shoe factory, now has 120,000 square meters of production plants, more than 3,000 employees, more than 200 technical staff, the introduction of foreign EVA production line 16 sets, EVA injection machine 16, RB machine 15, TPR granulation production line 2 sets, TPR injection machine 12, the combination of six lines, forming line 6.
Companies committed to the development of the main business at the same time, continue to expand new industries, explore new areas, take the road of development of the Group, set up offices in the country and distribution office. In recent years, the company actively with foreign business in various fields, multi-level exchanges and cooperation, the company continued to optimize the industrial structure, business scope and scale of the growing. 2007 new investment company EVA production line 6 sets, EVA granulation production line 3 sets.
State hair companies attach importance to talent, has a group of high-quality management personnel and production operations team, the implementation of strict scientific management, product quality reached the international advanced level. Company to the quality, reputation for the purpose of innovation and development, and constantly open up new markets. The most reasonable price is the company and your company in the market competition to maintain the same guarantee. Over the past few years, the company achieved brilliant results, is the world attention. At present, the company is to shoe materials, plastics, chemicals, footwear and other areas of diversification, in the face of the challenges of the new century, look to the future, the company will further use production capacity, play brand advantage, so that enterprises more economies, A roll of the takeoff.
State of the company in the pursuit of excellence, and create first-class entrepreneurial philosophy, and integrity, pragmatic, united, pioneering, hard work and enterprising spirit of enterprise, Yuanyuguangda home and abroad sincere cooperation, create brilliant.