Xiefu retail 4 new trend: integration, sinking, subdivision, cross-border

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Xiefu retail 4 new trend: integration, sinking, subdivision, cross-border

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2017/05/04 10:32
With the emerging international brands and fast fashion brands continue to "invasion", for the local clothing brand industry practitioners, 2016 is unforgettable year. We see the decline of the casual wear market, high inventory, customs shop tide, Paolu transition, and so a series of industry problems surfaced.
In the apparel industry continued down the situation, whether it is continuous layout or the depth of development, it seems that the situation is forced, a lot of frustration, and most companies are walking on thin ice, decision-making mistakes may be the overall outcome of all lose.
With the Senma last year, the official into the billions of revenue scale with ANTA Sports, Hailan House, Younger and other enterprises, the next few years, you can expect the domestic "billions of clubs," the clothing listed companies will reach 10 or so. And this figure allows people to see the local clothing brand hope.
China's local brands in response to foreign brands in the competition, but also continue to grow, the market more and more rational at the same time, clothing brand enterprises in the transformation of the attempt is also the Eight Immortals, the supernatural powers.
2016 capital to further promote the garment industry to speed up the transformation and upgrading, integration and merger, the pace of survival of the fittest, a large number of enterprises continue to contribute to the transformation of the road, or intensive, increase the field of investment; or seek cross-border development. Garment industry to further increase the pressure of restructuring, garment enterprises through mergers and acquisitions, change the business model, open up new business and other means to further accelerate the pace of transformation turned.
Clothing enterprises channel gradually into the product and service-driven, consumer-centric refinement of the stage. In the personalized, experiential fashion consumption trends, concerned about the structural changes brought about by the consumer goods industry investment opportunities, as well as in the channel to accelerate the integration process of card quality resources of the industry integrator.
Insiders are expected, 2017 garment industry or will usher in the overall recovery. With the improvement of the line payment system, to promote online and offline logistics integration of new retail brought about by the retail changes, AR real payment technology application, in 2017, the apparel industry will usher in a real recovery, the brand will also continue Online shop. Over the past year, Hailan home crazy shop, the first three quarters of new stores 972, equivalent to an average of more than 100 monthly shop, while in the three quarters of revenue over 10 billion, ranked 2016 years ago three Quarter of the national apparel retail listed companies total revenue top. However, the shop behind the need for stylish and practical products and design, flexible and rapid response to the supply chain system and fine and systematic operation and management. Otherwise, no more shop can not escape the fate of the doom.
Today, garment enterprises are seeking new change. Like Hailan home as crazy shop to seek new opportunities for a lot of growth opportunities. The current clothing market products, with the industry competition is intensified. The garment industry is directly facing the consumer market, and its product development is closely related to consumer demand. As consumer demand changes, coupled with rapid changes in the theme of popular clothing, clothing products on the design and epidemic requirements of the increasingly high demand. Garment business homeopathic transition can be recognized by consumers? Everything remains to be seen.
Trend 1: Online line seamless integration
The development of the retail industry, in the past year people often say a word, followed by Wang Jianlin to go to Wanda shop online, along with Ma development of the network red economy. And now, the line of Wanda Group in the pursuit of online business growth, online Ma also began to aim at the development of the store.
Data show that 96% of the millennial generation in the store shopping when using mobile payment, mobile phones and other mobile devices has become a millennium generation of mate. The future, online and offline seamless connection will become a new consumer trends, and the whole channel of clothing enterprises and retailers will become a real winner. Variety of shopping options on the one hand to broaden the clothing brand sales channels, on the other hand can also maximize the optimization of consumer shopping experience.
Online line height fusion has become a trend. Whether it is the local clothing business or emerging Amoy brand, they already recognize the need to open up online line.
The traditional clothing brand good news bird 2016 annual net profit loss of 300 million -3.9 billion yuan, the company in 2016 semi-annual report to explain the loss of the reasons for the "macroeconomic downturn, broad consumer knowledge, consumer concept change and the Internet economic impact And other adverse effects caused by the company's retail terminal pressure, income decline.
Hailan House announced the annual report of 2016 on March 11th. It is understood that during the reporting period, the operating income of 1699959.17 million, an increase of 7.39% over the same period last year. Hailan home cost-effective grasp of consumer psychology, to speed up the line line a high degree of integration. Hailan home always adhere to the cost-effective as the core, gathered integration of industrial chain advantages of resources, to speed up the integration of online and offline channels complement each other, the accumulation and enhance the brand value, to achieve sustained and stable growth in operating results.
Somar increased the Internet business investment, change the commodity system and retail system. In the report period, the Company realized total operating income of RMB10,703,123,000, up 13.21% over the same period of last year. The operating profit was RMB185,528,300, an increase of 3.37% over the same period of last year.
Experienced a few years of traditional brand online migration, 2016 began to change, we even think that in 2016 to become online brand collective remodeling line of the first year.
Semen's main reason for its growth is due to the input of the Internet business, the promotion of commodity system and retail system reform, improve the quality and efficiency of supply chain, online e-commerce business.
With the "new retail" concept put forward, once imagined consumption scenarios and business forms are being implemented step by step. Rely on low-cost, fashion to win the Amoy brand who is no longer brilliant, they also began to seek a way out.
Yintai Xiasha factory opened at the beginning of the year, should be the first born in the Internet department store, double 11, settled in Yintai collection shop Amoy brand has reached nearly 40, including Yin Man, seven grid, fairy pocket, deer And birds, daily and other clothing Amoy brand.
This type of store and Lynx automatically with the price, goods, prices, warehousing, logistics, billing online and offline to achieve full integration.
In the context of consumer upgrades, consumer demand is increasingly personalized, diversified, gave birth to the online, offline channel integration of the development of "new retail" model. By expanding the "new retail" model, electricity and physical retail enterprises are expected to get through the whole channel, to achieve complementary advantages, to provide consumers with a better shopping experience, while helping to expand the scale of business. And how to achieve online and offline seamless connection, the most critical depends on the garment enterprises and retailers channel integration capabilities.
Trend 2: channel sink "fashion to the countryside"
The Chinese market seems to exist in two parallel space, a second-tier cities in the store is always popular bustling popular brand, in the three or four lines of the city but few people interested. Some difficult in a second-tier cities to win the favor of the brand, but in the low-line city live quite moist, expensive. Two space consumers, have a different fashion concept and shopping experience.
Line brand and three or four lines between urban consumers, it can be said that still maintain a cautious, mutual separation of the "unfriendly" relationship. While the first-line brand in the majority of three or four lines of the city's absence, just became the local brand used to play an important space.
According to the data of Shanghai La Chapel Co., Ltd., in 2014 to 2016, the company's a total of 12 brands, the annual turnover of up to 10 billion yuan group, third-line and third-tier cities below the proportion of revenue remained at 45% Above, become the highest weight of the market.
Low-level urban layout of the larger intensity of Anta, urban beauty clothing business income growth rate is better than comparable companies in the same industry. Anta main brand and children's clothing brand focus on second and third tier cities market, the current low-level city stores accounted for 85%, 2016 fourth quarter of the line retail sales to achieve 15 to 20% high growth; urban beauty network focus on low-level cities, Accounting for about 90%, in 2016 after the sales setbacks to actively promote the channel change, the store after the initial assessment of the first quarter of 2017 is expected to expected better than expected.
In the process of upgrading the consumer, the brand is an important upgrade direction. The past three or four lines of the city's clothing market to brand-free bulk cargo-based, with three or four lines of residents per capita disposable income continues to improve, consumers will increasingly favor a brand of products, gradually from the number to meet the pursuit of quality , From the basic functions to meet the pursuit of fashion and brand, and brand products can be divided into two categories, one is three or four lines of local development of the brand, such as pure, the trend of the front line, the other is a certain reputation under the brand Shen to the three or four lines of the city, such as Semir, Hailan home, three or four lines of the city brand is the future trend of the development of the apparel industry, other second-tier cities in the future brand of clothing will gradually sink to the three or four lines of the city go with.
Longzi shares previously announced that this year will be considered stationed in some three or four lines of the city's most high-end shopping malls, launched for the three or four lines of special funds, product prices will be lower than a second line. In the short term, low-level market base is low, brand penetration is low, shop space is big.
In the high-end women's brand competition and segmentation has been formed for a long time, and the key to competition is homogenization and excess problem, 60,50 after the high-end female consumer demand level in a second-tier cities have also completed the culture, Aesthetic, the value of the circle of subdivision, the past blindly follow the trend of consumption has been reduced, the current situation, three or four lines of large ladies clothing consumer maturity is not enough, so there may be a certain space Langzi sinking.
Merchants Securities analyst Dong Ruibin that the three or four lines of the city's clothing category upgrade path and a second-tier cities are basically the same, but because the current three or four lines of the city's new generation of consumer spending is mostly well-educated 80,90, The acceptance of new things is high, coupled with the popularity of the Internet in recent years to enhance the diversification of information sources, three or four lines of the city's upgrade rate will be higher than the original second-tier cities.
With the acceleration of urbanization and the rapid growth of domestic three or four lines of clothing market, three or four lines of urban consumption potential will be further released, but also for the domestic garment enterprises to expand the market new space. This trend of consumption is bound to attract more enterprises "down" deep plowing, the domestic high-end clothing brand will continue to channel "sink", "fashion to the countryside" will become a trend.
Trend 3: multi-brand to seize the market leader in sports apparel
Today, multi-brand strategy, to seize the different areas of the market segment, a sports brand consensus. Which Anta "single focus, multi-brand, full channel" strategy in the multi-brand layout of the pace of the largest cross. In addition to Anta, Anta children, in the high-end market with DESCENTE, FILA and FILA KIDS and other brand layout. Announces Announcement of the Company's wholly-owned subsidiary ANKO, Kolon Joint Venture and the Company entered into a joint venture agreement with the Company to set up a joint venture agreement with a number of Kolon Sport IP and trademarks for the exclusive operation and sale of the region in the region Category of products.
361 °, including 361 °, 361 ° children's clothing and outdoor brand ONEWAY multi-brand strategy, respectively, for the domestic mass market, children's sports and high-end outdoor sports market in different segments.
Based on the current consumer groups and the younger of the growing demand for the status of the increasingly strong, large-scale, mass production model has been unable to meet the individual needs of consumers. ANTA launched a personalized service called "ANTAUNI", becoming one of the biggest highlights. We in this Internet platform to customize the exclusive sports equipment, is conducive to strengthening the interaction between consumers and products to meet the individual needs of consumers.
Multi-brand strategy in the past year seems to have achieved good results. 2016, the sporting goods market as a whole to pick up the trend is obvious. Anta, 361 °, Li Ning, special steps and other four companies are more than 40% gross margin, and the industry in the downturn in 2012 compared to an increase significantly.
Li Ning company 2016 annual report shows that after 2013's trough, Li Ning, nearly three years of revenue growth momentum was obvious, three consecutive years of revenue recorded double-digit growth. 2016 income rose 13% to 8.015 billion yuan. Gross margin increased 16% to RMB3,705 million from RMB1,193 million in 2015.
Xtep International Holdings Limited 2016 annual results show that the realization of income of 5.397 billion yuan, an increase of 1.9%; gross margin for four consecutive years rose to 43.2%.
361 ° performance report shows that the company achieved revenue of 5.023 billion yuan, an increase of 12.6% over 2015. 2016 gross profit margin of 2.209 billion yuan, an increase of 1.1 percentage points to 42%.
Guoxin Securities researcher Zhu Yuan believes that in the industry to maintain double-digit growth in the high boom, the vast majority of local sports brands still face greater operational challenges, mainly due to the rapid evolution of the trend of consumer upgrades.
Sports brands in addition to multi-brand strategy, but also in the consumer upgrade to seek a breakthrough. Businesses are beginning to seize the opportunity to capture female consumers. Although men are the main participants in competitive sports, sports brand resources tend to long-term male consumers, but with the trend of consumer trends for women under the health and body of the degree of concern for the rapid increase.
According to the analysis, female consumers individual body difference between the larger, the product of the comfort and personalized requirements higher. Sports brands who have worked hard in the women who seek a breakthrough. For example, Li Ning launched women and dance sports clothing brand Danskin business in mainland China and Macao, Li Ning tried to establish an impact in the female market, to further improve their competitiveness.
2017 sportswear is expected to continue to lead, although compared with 2016, the momentum will be relatively weakened, but sportswear will continue to maintain the trend of growth. The rapid development of sportswear benefited from the pursuit of a healthy new way of life.
Trend 4: transition cross-border more "do not work"
2016 in the garment industry transformation and upgrading process, many garment enterprises choose a cross-border diversification, or slim change the main business, but also a lot of clothing enterprises around the clothing industry, capital as a link to the upstream and downstream industry chain, Is the downstream of the logistics, channels, retail, services and other industrial chain links to extend to more brands, multi-category, product + service-style lifestyle brand transformation.
Longzi acquired the two major medical brands. Longzi shares 2016 total operating income, total profits, net profit were varying degrees of growth, to speed up the overall upgrade to provide the driving force. For the 2016 gratifying performance, Longzi shares said that the main reason for the growth of performance is not only continue to deepen the women's business, and to speed up the Aka Bang baby business in the national line of online market expansion, and quickly build medical plate.
As early as 2014, Longzi opened the investment transformation plan, claiming to build "pan fashion industry interconnected ecosystem." In April 2016, Longzi to the Korean DMG company invested 25.2 million yuan, into the medical field, the same year on October 16, Longzi
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