When the upgrade is not complete

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When the upgrade is not complete

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2017/05/04 10:33
According to the data released by the General Administration of Customs, the first quarter of this year, China's traditional labor-intensive products exports amounted to 654.7 billion yuan, an increase of 10.5%. It can be said that in the continuation of foreign trade in a stable situation, the traditional labor-intensive enterprises performed well. Reporters interviewed the 121st session of the Canton Fair footwear exhibitors found that although the current labor-intensive products export performance is good, but the business did not relax, many OEM (OEM) and ODM (OEM own brand) Enterprises are still practicing "internal strength", take real transformation and upgrading (love base, net, information) road.
Order transfer to challenge
The first quarter of this year, China's total exports of footwear products 10.969 billion US dollars, an increase of 6%, the number increased by 8.4%. The industry believes that the growth of footwear exports and the world's major economies continue to recover the situation, the international market demand has improved. As of March, China's leading export index for foreign trade has been steady for five consecutive months, which reflects the order of enterprises to export orders for new orders for five consecutive months of recovery.
Zhejiang Province native soil and animal import and export group Co., Ltd. business manager 15 Feng Yitao in an interview with the International Business Daily reporter said that although China's footwear exports are still positive growth, and the relatively stable cost of raw materials, exchange rate fluctuations on the impact of enterprises Also weakened, but the order transfer has become a business must face the problem. At present, Europe and the United States and other developed economies have more orders to Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Cambodia and other countries with lower production costs, affected by the above, the number of footwear exports increased.
In the face of new problems, Chinese enterprises take the initiative to reduce costs and efficiency. "The company is currently introducing automation equipment that saves a lot of labor costs compared to traditional cold-stick processes," says Feng Yitao. "But not all products can be produced by automation, so companies are looking for lower labor costs It is one of the ways in which the plant is responsible for overall cost control and shifting the plant from coastal areas to inland areas where labor costs are cheaper. "
"Go out" depends on the brand
In recent years, many domestic footwear export enterprises gradually shift the factory to lower production costs of countries and regions. However, some countries trade barriers and trade protectionism, resulting in footwear export enterprises "going out" of the road is not smooth sailing. How to make footwear export enterprises go more smoothly and more stable? In this regard, Cornell Group Co., Ltd. Director of Foreign Trade Miao Renzan bluntly, the domestic part of the shoe-making enterprises gradually transferred to the lower production costs of countries and regions is the inevitable transformation and upgrading As a result, the brand is the only way for the development of footwear export enterprises. "Although the current footwear export market has been warm, but in the price advantage and the advantages of labor costs gradually disappear, the enterprise 'going out' must rely on the brand." Miao Renzan said that the past two years, enterprises can maintain in adversity Export growth, in the final analysis lies in the precise brand positioning and continuous brand building. Kangnai brand positioning in the high-end, superimposed for many years the brand building for enterprises to expand overseas markets to open up the path.
Miao Renzan that merchants have been favored Kangnai, in addition to product design and quality, but also with the brand increasingly international and increasing awareness of the relevant. Kangnai every year to participate in a number of large-scale shoe exhibition held abroad, many merchants on the Cornell are familiar with the brand. "In addition, the Cornell Group has established a production base overseas, take the 'localization' and international manufacturing road, which is the Chinese footwear export enterprises to avoid anti-dumping measures a positive way." Miao Renzan said.
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