Different brands of children's shoes size standards different parents picking trouble

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Different brands of children's shoes size standards different parents picking trouble

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2017/05/04 10:34

"Japanese code, the European code, to the children to buy shoes and found the same 23 marked shoes, different brands of shoes size is not the same." Ms. Cao reflects the public, She made a mistake when she bought shoes for her children. Reporters visited the city children's shoes market and counters learned that many parents in the selection of children's shoes, will be confused for the shoe code.


Phenomenon: parents look to buy, it is difficult to buy children shoes shoes

Reporters visited the city a number of children's shoes store and shopping malls children's shoes counters found that the market in the sale of children's shoes brand and style is very much, and the size of the label is also varied: some in the soles of the mark 5,6,7 ... ... some shoes Within the mark 160 / 22,180 / 24 ... ... some are marked 220,230 ... ... even if the size of the same label, the size is also different.
In a shopping mall on the Pipa Hill Road, the reporter randomly selected the same shoes, five brands of children's shoes, found that the corresponding number of different countries is not the same code, such as the US code is 5 yards, the English code is 4.5 yards, while Europe Code is 37 yards. After businesses have measured with the ruler, only two brands of children's shoes the same size, the largest difference of nearly one centimeter. In addition, the same shoe code children's shoes generally larger than sports shoes.
Reporters noted that many staff selling children's shoes will first ask the child age, and then recommended according to the size of the age of shoes, the general will recommend customers to buy a large number of shoes. Due to different brands of children's shoes size standards are different, many businesses deliberately prepared the tape, specifically to the customer size shoes size, there are some shops selling shoes in the store posted the size of the table, but the complex conversion process or let the purchase of children's shoes The parents feel very troublesome.
Reporters interviewed several children to buy shoes, parents, most parents said, look at the standard selection of shoes is not accurate, each time led the children to try. "I give the children to buy shoes are to let the children try to buy, generally do not see the number to buy shoes." Ms. Zhang said the public. And Ms. Liu told reporters, because the child is too small, into the mall to cry, she can only be good at home child length, and then with a tape to choose shoes. "The use of tape measure the length of the child's feet, in the shoes when the face of thousands of different sizes will still be confused." Children's shoes code label, not only most consumers that do not understand, sometimes even the salesperson will Will be different standard size confused.
In the construction of the North Road, a children's shoe shop, said Mr. Wang, according to different age groups, children's shoes are divided into four different categories: 0 to 1 year old baby shoes, 1 to 3-year-old children's shoes, 3 to 5 years old Children's shoes, 5 years old or older children's shoes. "Different age shoes marked different. There are some baby shoes and children's shoes the same size and shoe shape is not big, but the size is not the same." Mr. Wang said.
Buy regular manufacturers of shoes
At present, the domestic footwear industry in the industry standards, children's shoes can be divided into three categories of shoes, sandals and sports shoes, after only children's shoes have national standards, and children's shoes have been the reference to the standard implementation of adult travel shoes, Sandals are currently being implemented with reference to adult leather sandals. In addition, the country on the size of the shoe standard provides that the manufacturer should be marked in millimeters as the unit, the marked number represents the size of the shoe. Such as the shoe marked as 35 yards, on behalf of this shoe shoes length is 350 mm. However, the reporter found in the survey, a lot of children's shoes have four or five yards standard.
In this regard, the Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision Bureau of the staff told reporters that children's shoes shoes marked the confusion is mainly due to the current production of children's shoes are the implementation of their different standards, the state has not yet introduced mandatory standards for children's shoes. Many shoe factory is based on France, the United States made of shoe shoes, shoes, shoes, naturally the same model with the country's shoes. Some small manufacturers in order to chase style, simple adult shoes molded into children's shoes, there are the same number of children's shoes, the size of the phenomenon is not surprising. Some well-known brands of children's shoes, the basic does not exist in this area, and more will also mark the European code and Chinese code, code number is relatively accurate. To recommend parents, the best children to buy regular manufacturers of shoes, try to buy after the appropriate.
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